About Us

Sukanda Djaya is Indonesia’s largest refrigerated food and beverage distribution company, and a leading importer of frozen, chilled, dairy and dry food and beverage products. Over time, the best brands have entrusted us to grow their products.

We source products the world over and distribute them to 18 direct distribution points and 18 indirect distribution points, East to West.

Our Vision

Indonesia most valuable dairy and refrigerated food manufacturing company.

Our Mission

To serve Indonesian consumers with trusted, tasty, innovate, healthy dairy and refrigerated products.



Diamond Cold Storage started by WT Chen (as local partner) along with Amatil and Singapore Cold Storage.


PT. Sukanda Djaya (“Sukanda”) was first established in Jakarta to distribute Diamond ice cream products produced by its parent company PT. Diamond Cold Storage. PT. Sukanda Djaya continues to be wholly owned by PT. Diamond Cold Storage today.


The Trading Division was established. In that same year, the Company successfully began import and distribution of its first foreign brand, McCain Foods French Fries.


Already a leader in refrigerated products, the Company established a dry food and beverages division in response to customer interest.


A new distribution center was built in the MM2100 Industrial Town, Cibitung with a total combined, dry, chilled and cold storage capacity of 12,000 pallet points or 12,000 tons.


Oracle ERP software was installed across all branches for improved control, procurement and customer service.


Management decided to structure Sukanda as a service and marketing oriented company. Distribution center was expanded.


A new specialty beverage and beverage equipment division was added.


A new confectionary division was added.


A new Dry and Air Conditioned warehouse with capacity of 18,000 pallet points was built to accommodate our expanding Grocery and Confectionary business and a Warehouse System was implemented.


SAP to be fully implemented.


Committed to and focused on, long-term growth. As a privately-held family company with over 35 years in the business, we run our business and grow the products we carry with a view towards long-term growth.

Comprehensive distribution channel coverage We are the only company in Indonesia that serves all major market channels, from Food Service to Industrial Catering to Wholesalers and more.

Fully refrigerated

The only fully refrigerated national distribution supply chain.

Competitive and efficient

Our scale, experience and continuous investment in upgrading our capabilities give us competitive advantages in many ways.

Innovative mindset

We actively engage with the market to identify consumer trends and influence consumer behavior to support our products.

Manufacturing solution provided by our parent company, PT Diamond Cold Storage, which is Indonesia’s leading frozen, chilled and dairy manufacturer and a trusted supplier for well-knownmultinational brands including McDonalds and Dairy Queen.