Aldia Fruit Filling Blueberry

Product Details

Aldia Fruit Filling Blueberry is fruit fillings with pieces of different dimensions and shapes can be extruded and dosed in a perfect way.  The product is aseptically packed in drums or containers with a guaranteed shelf life of 2 year kept in ambient temperature and this without any addition of preservatives.


  • very high fruit definition
  • min. 70 % fruit content
  • whole fruit (pieces)
  • well balanced fruit flavour
  • low content of modified starch which enhances the natural flavour
  • fruit from the best origins
  • bake stable
  • freeze stable
  • ready to use
  • nice shine
  • can be used as topping and/or as filling
  • shelf life once opened in cool store: 4 to 5 weeks
  • shelf life in packing: 2 year (in dry condition and less than 25°C).